The Royal Welsh Show

The King's Troop
The King’s Troop – image by Lucy Cox

The Royal Welsh Show is one of our busiest and most exciting times of year,  but because we love it so much we always manage to attend.

Our Guests

The Royal Welsh always brings a wide range of skilled and enthusiastic people, just as the Man versus Horse competition does. This year our B&B guests included a businessman, keen to sell his latest product and the Mardon family, who brought with them two fine ponies: a stallion and a mare.

Two charming Welsh Cob enthusiasts from the Netherlands (one of whom is  a photographer), who have been staying with us for years, occupied the Coach House Self-Catering.

The Mardon's (very highly strung) stallion
The Mardon’s stallion
The mare, with Amber (left) and Vanessa (right) Mardon
The mare, with Amber (left) and Vanessa (right) Mardon; bathtime!

The Best of Everything (The Royal Welsh)

At its heart, the Royal Welsh is an agricultural show, but one which diversifies, finding the best in many related areas. Craftspeople, businesspeople, farmers, artists, growers and many others find their place in the showground.

Our favourite parts are probably the events on the Main Ring, the craft tents and commercial avenues, and the livestock competitions. We love to walk around, take in the sights and buy some special things, then have a rest and watch the spectacles from the grandstand.




Pigs are probably my favourite livestock animal, perhaps because we both enjoy a deep sleep after a long day.


Every year I love to go to the bandstand and listen to the Regimental Band of the Royal Welsh. This year, Ivor managed to capture some video of their fine playing.

It’s no Hollywood, but we feel that it captures the spirit of the performance!

The ‘White Helmets’, the motorcycle performance team of the Royal Corps of Signals – image by Lucy Cox

This year our favourite event was probably the The King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery,  a ‘ceremonial saluting battery’ that performs mounted displays and artillery salutes.

This is just how we like things: loud, fast, smokey and finely turned-out.

Image by Lucy Cox

We are pretty sure that they very deliberately chose the horses to ensure that the leader’s (right) was the biggest.

The display involves the riders (each controlling two horses), guiding their group (which tows a gun), in tight formation, creating impressive patterns. All of this is done to the accompaniment of the Regimental Band of The Royal Welsh.

Firing the guns
Firing the guns

At the end of the display, the troop detached their artillery pieces, and fired a multi-gun salute.

Overall it was, as always, a long day of fine entertainment featuring the best of Wales and beyond.


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