Man Versus Horse 2014 – 6th Place

Every year Tyrannell Hospitality hosts guests and their horses for the Man Versus Horse competition.

This competition, held annually in Llanwrtyd Wells (a town famous for its eccentric sports, like bog-snorkelling) pits horses against runners over a marathon-length course. Alongside the Royal Welsh Show, it is one of the most important local events. This year, we hosted both riders, their horses and runners.

We were especially pleased that one of our guests, Serena Jones, won 6th place with her horse Jack, on her first attempt!

Serena looks after the eager racers
Serena looks after the eager racers in one of our stables

As you can see, Jack (left) is a fine, and very large, animal.  He is pictured here alongside Sharelle (right), who was a close runner up also, with her rider Laura.

We look forward to more excitement, and hopefully a first place, next year!


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