British Sea Areas and British Detective Writers – the Connection?

Serena looks after the eager racers

This is something that we’ve been wishing to do for years now – having the name of each of our guest rooms and bathrooms painted beautifully on the door.

Given that this time of year is special for us – because of the Royal Welsh Show – we thought that it would be lovely to have the plates ready for when our guests arrived.

We have five guest rooms – four of which we routinely use for B&B. They are named after our favourite crime fiction authors, Dorothy Sayers, Agatha Christie, Elizabeth George, Ngaio Marsh and P.D James, which was Hilary’s idea.

Our four bathrooms are named after the sea areas that we hear on the shipping forecast (which was Ivor’s idea): Fastnet, Rockall and Lundy are for guests, and Shannon is for us.

On request, Ivor selected few quality pieces of wood from his infinite store, and cut them to size. My mother, Hilary, experiences synaesthesia between colours and words, so she was in charge of choosing the colours and pictures.

Lucy, who is the family painter (you will remember that she painted the dining room mural) applied an acrylic wash in the colour of Hilary’s choosing, then painted the pictures and the room names in acrylic, too.

Now they’re all in place, as if we feel like we know where we are!


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