A Day in the Sunshine

With our guests and their horses out competing in Man Versus Horse (Mid-Wales’ most eccentric sporting event), we thought that we’d occupy ourselves at home and wait for the race-overview when they got back.

It was a perfect day for a running/riding race – mild and slightly cloudy throughout the day, then hot and bright for recuperation in the evening. I took a few pictures during our walks in the garden.

Alice's poppy
Alice’s poppy

Being something of an amateur naturalist (harmless fool with smartphone), I was keen to get some shots of the wildlife.  This is my sister Alice’s ornamental poppy, the petals are unbelievably delicate. In the picture above the scale may not be obvious; in fact, the flower is about the length of my hand.

I was pleased to see two pollinators, too: a honeybee and a bumblebee – we need them to pollinate our pumpkins and courgettes!

Here a bumblebee seems to be enjoying the flowers of some chives.Bee2Below is what appears to be some sort of solitary black bee, another important pollinator.


With our work for the day finished, we decided to dress up and have our dinner in the walled garden.

The family, left to right: Ivor, Alice and Hilary Cox
The family, left to right: Ivor, Alice and Hilary Cox
Hilary, Oliver and Ivor Cox
Hilary, Oliver and Ivor Cox


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