Home Production at Tyrannell

The Potager

We have been building our potager since 2002 with the aim to grow as much of our food as is practical and some just for the pleasure of it. The potager is a substantial project as it involves constructing a wall and large greenhouse while still tending and harvesting our produce.

The potager is 22 metres by 16 metres and, when complete, will contain over 12 large raised beds, a 16 by 3 metre greenhouse and several large composting units and will be enclosed by a stone wall.

The Orchard and Soft Fruit Beds

We have added to the existing fruit trees more apple varieties and have introduced plum, medlar and quince. We are currently growing currants (red, black and white), gooseberries, loganberries and varieties of raspberry. The fruit beds are in the process of being enclosed. (Blackberries grow where we let them!)

We love to use the produce from our garden to make preserves like bramble jelly, gooseberry jam, and pickles. We’re very fond of Seville Marmalade, so oranges from the Ave Maria Plantacion Ecologica¬†are one of the few non-local ingredients that feature in Tyrannell preserves.

A hamper featuring some preserves of garden produce
A hamper featuring some preserves of garden produce


We have a number of rescued battery hens which give us fresh eggs each day.


We have hives which produce, on average, over one hundred pounds of honey each season – but this can vary tremendously. We use the honey for our own cooking and consumption but there is usually a good amount for sale in jars and as cut comb for guests and friends.

Our local plants and trees tend to produce a light colour and fresh flavoured honey which is slow to granulate. However, 2007 was an exception with the honey setting in a few weeks.

We are learning to make polish and creams from our surplus wax and we began selling 2008.

A selection of our creams, made with the wax from our bees
A selection of our creams, made with the wax from our bees


We shoot pests like rabbits, squirrel and pigeon on our grounds, which we incorporate into traditional dishes such as game pies and confit. The lake contains brown trout and other species, but we are currently allowing stock to increase.


Contact Oliver at, or telephone 01591 620 205 or 07729 387 434 to book your stay.

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