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Spring comes to Beulah

Our daffodils

After a few false dawns Spring is really here.

In mid Wales the time when the blackthorn blossom appears is called ‘the blackthorn winter’. The blossom will later produce the sloes for winter preserves. This time, in late March, is often a treacherous one, giving cold temperatures and snowfall; so it was this year. However, as the clocks went back, so the season seems to have turned in earnest. Continue reading

Seeds and Pickles

Germinating seeds
Germinating seeds

In our Bed and Breakfast we like to serve as much home-produced food as we can. The key to self-sufficiency is to save and preserve the glut of the harvest in order to serve it up in the lean times.

I like to use the best of traditional techniques alongside modern technology. The freezer is key to saving plentiful fruit and vegetables, while keeping back and drying seeds maintains diversity and while selecting for characteristics which help the plants to survive in the conditions here in Wales. In the potager at Tyrannell a new enterprise is under-way. Continue reading