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Chelsea Buns and Second Life Pudding


Improvisation, in cookery as in music, may be necessitated by a mistake – from it can emerge something new and lovely.

When I am singing, especially baroque arias, if I ever make a rhythmical error or misjudge an interval I immediately do a similar thing a bar or so later so that the audience think that it was done on purpose. If I enjoy what I have done, I call it an ornament or improvisation, and integrate it as part of the interpretation. A similar thing happened with my Chelsea Buns on Saturday and I shall definitely keep the resulting pudding in the repertoire. Continue reading

Who Wants to be a Millionaire?


Money can’t buy you love, or happiness, and it certainly can’t guarantee good food.

When I am in the kitchen at Tyrannell one of my favourite occupations is baking. Biscuits both savoury and sweet are great crowd pleasers . The most important considerations are top quality ingredients – without exception or compromise – and patient attention to detail (not my strong suit, but it matters in the two recipes below). The result will be good food bringing happiness to those you love. Continue reading