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Seeds and Pickles

Germinating seeds
Germinating seeds

In our Bed and Breakfast we like to serve as much home-produced food as we can. The key to self-sufficiency is to save and preserve the glut of the harvest in order to serve it up in the lean times.

I like to use the best of traditional techniques alongside modern technology. The freezer is key to saving plentiful fruit and vegetables, while keeping back and drying seeds maintains diversity and while selecting for characteristics which help the plants to survive in the conditions here in Wales. In the potager at Tyrannell a new enterprise is under-way. Continue reading

The Other Side of the Potager

Our potager is central to our enterprise, growing and raising produce for family and Bed & Breakfast – it is a work in progress.

A bird's eye view of the potager
A bird’s eye view of the potager

You will have read about the Potager as Hilary reports her activities – such as preparing and planting and how they fit in with the Welsh seasons. The Potager is seasonal in another sense; it being a work in progress, we must take account of the weather because of sensitive building materials. It is my responsibility to complete this project in a reasonable time (I do most of it myself) while avoiding  disruption to Hilary’s productive efforts. Continue reading

Restocking the Apiary

Our new greenhouse, recently constructed by Ivor
Our new greenhouse, recently constructed by Ivor

The past few years have been difficult in the Apiary. Ivor, the beekeeper at Tyrannell, must restock with a new and healthy population. The weather at the moment is extremely wet and quite cold with a risk that the remaining weeks of winter will be worse. He will wait until the conditions are more clement and take delivery of a nucleus colony.

Meanwhile, the hives are to be relocated: from the lakeside where they were rather too exposed and distant from the House to the potager where not only will they be more at the centre of things but also on hand to pollinate our trees and other flowering crops.


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The Festive Season and Beyond


At Tyrannell we cut a tree from the grounds and bring it in shortly before Christmas. We decorate it on Christmas Eve and it stays in the Hall for the entire twelve days. The youngest child in the House that day hangs the star on the top; Lucy is the Artistic Director and makes sure that the garland is beautiful, all the rooms are decked with holly and that the tree itself is the best yet. Continue reading

Christmas at Tyrannell

Preparations begin early; Stir Up Sunday was some weeks back, but the pace is quickening now as we produce hampers for family and friends. We take pictures as we go; all the preserves are made from home grown or foraged fruit and vegetables – apart from the Seville Oranges; we haven’t succeeded in cultivating these in the wet and cool of Wales!

Hampers for the family
Hampers for the family

Continue reading