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A Day in the Sunshine

With our guests and their horses out competing in Man Versus Horse (Mid-Wales’ most eccentric sporting event), we thought that we’d occupy ourselves at home and wait for the race-overview when they got back.

It was a perfect day for a running/riding race – mild and slightly cloudy throughout the day, then hot and bright for recuperation in the evening. I took a few pictures during our walks in the garden.

Alice's poppy
Alice’s poppy

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Remembering 1914

There are three regular events in the Beulah Music Festival year: the Annual Festival itself, in October, the Beulah Children’s Christmas Festival and the Holy Saturday Concert.

Left to right: Ivor, Emily and Lucy Cox; Tom Cunningham
Left to right: Ivor, Emily and Lucy Cox; Tom Cunningham

Remembering 1914

In this centenary year the Holy Saturday Concert commemorated, in personal and local narrative, the global cataclysm of one hundred years ago. Stories, images, poetry, song and artefacts reflecting the experience of the Great War acted as interpolations to a complete performance of Haydn’s masterpiece of quartet writing; The Seven Last Words of Christ. You can read more background to this wonderful music in the programme notes. Continue reading

The Tyrannell way with Salad

Three packets of seed will see you in salad leaves all summer long, and six will give you enough for all your family garden parties and picnics too.

Have you ever, in a hurry or wanting to serve a pretty salad to your guests, bought a supermarket bag of rocket or lambs lettuce and felt sad and guilty soon afterwards? The expense, the packaging, the tiny quantity and the sodden, decaying mess even hours later betray the mean commercialism of the product. However, help is at hand. Continue reading