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Making It Up and Making Do

Tyrannell did not come with an instruction manual.

We discovered this shortly after arriving in Wales in 1999 and rapidly worked things out for ourselves. The electrics were particularly bizarre, including a light switch that worked from time to time with no discernible pattern. Central heating was only partial and required strange interventions to provide reasonable service. Continue reading

The Other Side of the Potager

Our potager is central to our enterprise, growing and raising produce for family and Bed & Breakfast – it is a work in progress.

A bird's eye view of the potager
A bird’s eye view of the potager

You will have read about the Potager as Hilary reports her activities – such as preparing and planting and how they fit in with the Welsh seasons. The Potager is seasonal in another sense; it being a work in progress, we must take account of the weather because of sensitive building materials. It is my responsibility to complete this project in a reasonable time (I do most of it myself) while avoiding  disruption to Hilary’s productive efforts. Continue reading